See our projects: Olympia Place, Kendrick Place, and Boltwood Place.

Dynamic niche markets

Third-tier markets centered on major research universities are new hubs within the national economy. With a high quality-of-life, broad demographic appeal, and top-notch cultural amenities, our target markets promise future growth. With extremely high barrier to entry, these communities are repositioning themselves as innovation hubs within the larger national context. Recent zoning reforms cultivate dense, mixed-use development and provide a strong foundation for smart growth.

High-performance projects

Wonderful communities deserve exceptional development. Our projects are strategically developed to realize the planning goals of local municipalities and universities. Outstanding A/E/C firms are employed to deliver highest-quality planning, design & performance. And as leaders in the field of sustainable development, each of our projects seeks LEED certification. The result: extraordinary projects with increased density, increased respect for their environment, and increased financial performance.

Future opportunities

Archipelago Investments, LLC is continually seeking new opportunities. We look forward to working with municipalities, institutions, consultants, and investors that share our goals and aspirations.

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